About Us

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Who We Are

Med Sap Africa Ltd was established in 2015 and since has become one of the fastest growing and most successful medical distribution companies in Uganda. Med Sap Africa Ltd has experience and has thrived by combining top quality products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing on medical supplies.

At Med Sap Africa Ltd we pride ourselves in being your first choice supplier of specialized medical equipment, Medical services and everyday consumables. As specialists in medical products, our relationships with suppliers and industry professionals enables us to supply the consumable products you use most at fantastically low prices.

As with other aspects of healthcare, distribution is an ever changing segment of the total healthcare system. Just-in-time delivery, online ordering, and stream-lined purchasing are a few examples of things that are now standard.

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image Mission: Med Sap Africa Ltd. is committed to seeking out and creating new ways to make your job easier, whether you are an office manager, a purchasing agent for a large health plan, or a doctor that does his/her own purchasing.

Vision: To be the first choice for medical equipment and exceptional service in the communities we serve. We deliver on our vision by striving for excellence every day, and constantly seeking to improve the services we offer.

image Med Sap’s work approach emphasizes professionalism, dynamism, commitment and value addition. To this effect special regard is given to every product and service to ensure that the client gets value for money.

This enhances the image of our Company and our partners. This approach has enabled us to nurture and sustain a good reputation and business image.

image We know that we live in a dynamic world, and thus we are aware of the fact that our clients’ needs are ever changing. To this effect we at Med Sap Limited are committed to continue expanding and improving our products and services we offer. However, your opinions, comments and recommendations are paramount in this regard.

Therefore, it is our request that you furnish us with any remarks or suggestions that can help us serve you better. We are looking forward to being of great service to you.